Van-Ha is a long standing advocate and believer in the power of education to better lives and careers. She is committed to ensuring that Delta College continues to be at the forefront of academic excellence while remaining affordable and accessible to all students. Vote and support Van-Ha to build a better future for our community.
P.O. Box 7142 - Stockton, CA 95267

Paid for by Van-Ha To-Cowell for San Joaquin Delta College Board 2020

A teacher, Vice-Principal, Lincoln Unified School Board Trustee and current Delta Community College Board Trustee, Van Ha To-Cowell, has spent more than 35 years committing her life to make a difference in local education.

Van Ha has been at the forefront of many award-winning programs, including Construction Engineering Academy, Civic Pride Academy and Lincoln Latin Leadership. She also served as Delegate on the California School Boards Association Delegate Assembly.

In 2011, Van Ha was named San Joaquin Woman of the Year and was given the Lincoln Latin Leadership Commitment Award. The following year she was awarded the Susan B. Anthony San Joaquin County Women of Achievement and the San Joaquin A+ Spirit of Literacy Award. In 2017, the Central Valley Asian Chamber of Commerce gave her the Exemplary Leadership & Community Service for her commitment and many years of service.

Van Ha has a unique perspective on Delta’s growing partnership with K-12 districts that is essential in collaborating with primary and secondary education institutions and ensure a smooth transition to Delta College or placement in the workforce. Her primary focus has always been upholding high academic standards, closing opportunity gaps, keeping our campus safe and fiscally accountable.

Susan Eggman - State Assemblymember
Kathy and Karl Miller - San Joaquin County Supervisor
Michael Tubbs - Stockton Mayor
Dan Wright - Stockton Vice Mayor
Susan and Don Lenz - Stockton City Councilmember
Moses Zapien - Former San Joaquin County Supervisor
Kathleen Solari - Lincoln Unified School President
Norris Palmer - Lincoln Unified School Vice President
Jenny Van DePol - Lincoln Unified School Trustee
Terry Tutupalli - Lincoln Unified School Trustee
Tony Yadon - Lincoln Unified School Trustee
Don and Kay Ruthstaller - Lincoln Unified School Trustee (ret.)
Dr. Everett Low - Lincoln Unified School Trustee (ret.)
Patrick Johnston - State Senator (ret.)
Anne Baird
Mary Ann Cox-Martin
Colleen Foster
Karen Frank
Julie Damron-Brown
Carolyn Wischhusen
Kathy Schick
Larry Hernandez
Denny and Lauren AhTye
Diane Stauffer
Paula and Edward Almaas
Drs. Michael Eagan and Angela Eagan
Gladys Ikeda
Jo and Joel Wagner
Bette Outlaw
Andrew Chesley
Beverly Dierking
Dr. Ajithkumar Puthillath
Dr. Prasad Dighe
Roger Phillips and Wendy Lee
Julia Schardt
Mary and Willie Luntao
Sharon Jarvis
Judith Buethe
Cynthia Milford
Tom Jones and Pam Mallett-Jones
JoAnne Garrett
Donna Hammel
Susan Kenmotsu
Dr. Tod Anton
Dwane and Sara Milner
Marilyn and Russel Wylie
Diane Oren
Beverly Blum
Paul Jacobson

Preparing our Students for Success
The Covid-19 pandemic and resulting economic weakness, has created a need for an educated and well-trained workforce. It is critical time for increased education or even exploring a new career. Providing the foundational skills in technology, health and science will be essential for Delta students to compete in our modern-day economy.

Expand internship opportunities
Partnering with businesses and community leaders will give our students the opportunity to learn real-world experience from skilled professionals. This is also an opportunity for potential employers to assess interns and eventually hire them following the internship.

Provide fiscal accountability
It is imperative in these lean times that we spend taxpayer dollars wisely. We must prioritize effective programs, while finding ways to make Delta more efficient.